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Why do you need proxies?
Many websites are being blocked in schools, workplaces and geographical locations. If you are one of the people who need to access blocked websites, you need a way to unblock and view them. Our list of proxy sites will allow you to browse blocked websites easily.

Remain anonymous!

Surf the Web anonymously! Do you know that your personal data is accessible to any website which you visit? You must use a proxy site to protect your privacy and hide your personal data. Here is some publicly available data we gathered about you:

IP address:
Host name:
Browser type:    CCBot/2.0 (

What is a proxy?

Proxy sites are services which allow you to view other sites in your browser anonymously. It will appear that you are browsing the proxy website, not the actual website. This way you will avoid filters and will be able to view the whole Web unrestricted.

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